Welcome to Miska’s Maps! I’m Miska, and I make original sci-fi and fantasy battlemaps and props for tabletop role-playing games (aka TTRPGs). My maps are compatible with most virtual tabletops and I make content designed for Foundry VTT, so you could use less time for prepping and more time for playing. 

I’m a big fan of Star Wars, Starfinder, Alien, The Expanse, Cyberpunk, and of course Dungeons & Dragons (especially settings like Eberron, Ravnica, and Spelljammer). And this is just to mention a few of my favorite TTRPGs and brands. So, if you are playing any of these games, I’m quite confident that you will find useful sci-fi and fantasy battlemaps and props from my libraries. While my focus is on science-fiction, space fantasy, and cyberpunk TTRPG content, I also make content for fantasy and Cthulhu Mythos role-playing games. You can filter the map gallery by category to browse genres you are interested in.

I do my maps for both, traditional tabletops and virtual tabletops, like Roll20, Fantasy Ground, and Foundry VTT. I even make dynamically lit scenes for Foundry VTT. These dynamically lit scenes include walls, doors, and light sources, but also sounds and short scenarios, encounters, and location/ship descriptions. Sometimes a few new NPCs or creatures, or scene illustrations can be included in the package as well.

On this website, you can find a portfolio of my work. You can find these also on my Patreon and other Marketplaces like DrivethruRPG, Roll20, and Forge Bazaar. While I mostly focus on Patreon, occasionally I do commission work. You can read more about my commission work and commercial use here.

I’m also the grey entity behind the annual #mapvember map-drawing event 🙂 Actually, the first Mapvember in November 2015 was also the start of Miska’s Maps. I started by doing old-school black & white RPG maps for sci-fi and fantasy RPGs, but in 2020 I changed my focus to virtual tabletops and started making VTT-compatible sci-fi and fantasy battlemaps and props.

If you want to drop a line, please use the contact form, here.

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