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Miska's maps

Miska’s Maps Reborn

I started creating RPG cartography on Patreon in 2015. I had no idea how Patreon worked and after browsing through a bunch of other creators made up my own rewards and chose the per creation model as I was not completely sure if the whole Patreon thing was going to last at all.  Well, it lasted. But over the months and years, I learned more about Patreon, new talented creators started their own projects, Patreon introduced new features and my own creative ambitions changed. With the changing conditions, I made little adjustments to my own Patreon project every now and then.

#mapvember2018: days 9-12

9/30: House of the Rising Sun

Industrial tycoon and inventor Anthony Spark lives in a luxurious mansion built on a cliffside facing east. The upper floor has a kitchen, dining room and two smaller rooms, and the bottom floor has a workshop, living room, a master bedroom (that also doubles as a safe room if necessary), a large balcony, and a sauna.