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[Map] Vargr Pocket Scout



As an old Traveller RPG fan this map was a real pleasure to make. Megatraveller was the second RPG I’ve ever played.  Why this is so meaningful thing for me requires a little anecdote.

A Boy With A Dream

When I was a kid we had D&D and Runequest in Finnish, but no scifi RPGs at all. I got my Megatraveller from my class mate when I was in the 6th grade, but it was all in English. My English was not that good at that time (we start studying English in Finland in the 3rd grade), but I was very intrigued by all the illustrations in the game. As I did not have any options, I took my English-Finnish-English dictionary in my other hand and Megatraveller in the other and started translating the books word-by-word. You could say that Megatraveller was the game that got me started in English RPGs.  Continue reading