Robotics Factory

Factory level layout
Office levels

Omnion Engramics is relatively small, but one of the most successful companies in the field of advanced cybernetics and general artificial intelligence. 

Most of the larger robot manufacturers have their mass-produced models assembled in large factories and the research and customer relations are often handled at separate locations, but the Omnion Engramics operates differently. Their smaller production facilities develop and produce custom made AI operated cybernetic systems for various purposes from heavy-framed industry robots to humanlike household androids.

A typical facility has on-site laboratories, customer premises and the manufacturing in the same building. Omnion Engramics has basically two significant branches. One is their entertainment branch where they offer people very realistic, but safe historical theme parks with android actors. These androids have highly advanced personalities. Often extracted from the brain of a real person and then edited to fit its role. 

Another branch is not public and it deals with more sensitive research and development. Some facilities are co-operative projects with the government. These facilities have higher security measures and they are often located at a remote location with very limited network connections for security reasons.

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