[Map] The Small Farm


By a stream running through the woods there’s a small farm with a small two-storied house and a barn with a pigpen and a small cattle pen for cows or horses.

This remote farm can be used in a fantasy or contemporary setting with ease, and why not in some near future or post-apocalyptic settings too.

Even though this looks like a harmless little farm, who knows what mystery it hides. Perhaps its inhabitants are strange folk with dark secrets or the farm is abandoned, but it has a past that is better to be forgotten. Or maybe this small farm can act as a temporary hideout for the player characters or some criminals the players are after.

So, what is special about this small farm?

Choose or roll d12:

  1. There is a secret tunnel to an abandoned underground structure at the bottom of the well and the inhabitants of the farm are guarding it from uninvited guests.
  2. The inhabitants of the house are fugitives who are pretending to be the owners of the farm. What happened to the original inhabitants of this house? Maybe they are held captive or buried in the woods behind the house…
  3. The house is abandoned, but it’s haunted by a wraith.
  4. The house is a trap. When the characters enter the house, its doors and windows lockdown and a horn on the rooftop makes a loud noise.
  5. A lone elder woman lives in the house. She politely welcomes the characters and offers them a meal with a refreshing herbal tea and a place to rest. But after drinking the tea, the characters start to feel weak and become paralyzed.
  6. Characters are sent to hunt a wolf that’s been killing cattle and dogs in the nearby village. When the characters follow the beast its tracks lead into the house, but just before the porch they turn from wolf’s paw tracks to something resembling more like bare feet.
  7. The water in the well has healing powers and the inhabitants of the house are much, much older than they look. But there is something eerie about them…
  8. Strange lights in the night sky lead the characters to the small farm. Everything seems normal except for the mutilated cow hidden in the barn… and the strange scars behind the ears of all the family members living in the farm.
  9. When the characters arrive to the small farm, the are greeted by a group of children that invite the characters to stay in the house. “The parents are coming in a bit they say”, but time passes and there’s no sign of parents. Instead more children come into the house. If the characters are trying to leave, strange accidents start to happen. A car won’t start, the horses become sick, a thick fog surrounds the farm and if the characters go into the fog, they always find themselves coming back to the farm… “why don’t you stay and play with us?”, the children say in a choir.
  10. A lone hermit lives in the house and does not want any uninvited guests. But the hermit looks somewhat familiar. Is he the legendary hero believed to be dead?
  11. There’s something living in the well… it hides there during the day, but in the night a shady figure with unnaturally long limbs crawls up from the well.
  12. The house is abandoned and looks like there’s nothing out of ordinary. But a closer look might reveal the hidden weapons and goods under the bedrooms floorboards.

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