[Map] The Archive Tower


So, I went to see Rogue One – A Star Wars Story in the movies on the premiere day and I thought the movie was awesome. But, let’s not go to that any more than that right now ūüėÄ

Anyway, the movies had again great and inspiring locations and this map is based on a location in the movie. The scale is different and the layout does not match all the way, but as said: it is inspired by a location in Rogue One.

This is an archive tower. A combination of a databank and a communications tower. It is used for archiving important information and to send it ¬†to the ¬†nearby star systems through it’s powerful communications dish on top of it.

I did not intentionally draw any environment around the map since I thought that it might be used even as a space station if needed.

A quick summary of different levels:

  • Level 0 – Crew quarters, storages, messhall and operations control.
  • Level 1 – Main archive vaults I, II and III
  • Level 2 – Mainframe units
  • Level 3 – Communications center and encryption computers
  • Level 4 – Engineering and communications dish engines
  • Level 5 – Communications dish manual alignment controls and backup communications terminal.

I hope you like the map and find it useful.


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