These RPG maps are royalty-free and free to use commercially or otherwise by anyone under the CC-BY Creative Commons 4.0 license. In practice, this means:

1) You can remix, adapt, re/color and modify the maps to fit your needs and requirements. You can remove any titles, signatures or patreon watermarks from these maps when necessary.

2) Please note that this license applies only to the maps linked on this page, and only the map graphics. Any backstories, game mechanics, adventures, characters or other content released with the maps are not part of this license.

3) I would appreciate if you would let me know if you are using my maps in your publications, so I can add your products or publishing label to my portfolio. The easiest way to do this is to send me a message by using the contact form on this site.

4) The only requirement for using these maps is to credit Miska Fredman for the cartography. If this is a digital publication, I would appreciate if you added a link to this website ( with the credits. Alternatively, you can use the Creative Commons license below.



Thank you!

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