Wallaby-Class Trader

The Mercury Interstellar’s WL-4b “Wallaby” interstellar transport/utility space vehicle is now a mostly outdated model, but it’s 3rd generation Seburu Hypersystems Heimdall 44G Obermann drive core still offers good enough hyperdrive capability for short-range interstellar jumps. It has its own quirks, but for its price, it’s an excellent bargain.  


In general Wallaby-class spacecraft has become very popular in the frontier with independent traders, explorers, and even mercenaries and pirates, because of the ship’s modular hull and sub-systems. The typical configuration comes with a cargo hold at the center and crew quarters on the other side module. Another reason why Wallaby is a popular choice among freelancers is the fact that the ship can be operated by a single person if necessary. Optimal operation requires three crew members (pilot, co-pilot, and engineer).



Variants: This map comes with thirteen variants. Each variant comes with and without a grid

Dimensions: 4480x4480px / 32x32sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5m per square

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