Thopter Crash Site

An ornithopter damaged by a devastating sandstorm or weapons fire has made a violent crash landing in the deep desert. The pilot managed to pull up the flyers nose so that the landing was soft enough to keep the vehicle’s hull in one piece.

Are you one of the crew members or passengers and you need to move fast to the safety of the nearby rocks? Or are you one of the desert people who witnessed the crash landing and came to look for any salvage or water? Or are you here to save someone from the crashed ornithopter? Or maybe this crash site is just a random encounter offering some shelter from the searing sun or a small treasure in form of lost valuable cargo.



Variants: This map comes with a total of 8 variants. Each variant comes with and without a grid

  • Environments: desert planet and Mars
  • Conditions: day and night
  • Themes: plain desert and crashlanded ornithopter

Dimensions: 4200x4200px / 30x30sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 2m per square

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