Temple of the Ancestors

When the explorers pass through the fargate they find themselves in a hexagonal room with three collapsed corridors and one closed door. The fargate pillars are on a raised platform, as usual, and the pillars are surrounded by fading arcs of electricity and glowing steam as they start cooling down.


The walls are smooth but covered in weird geometrical carvings and paintings and the door straight in front of the fargate pillars is made of wildsilver. Its silvery-white surface is a clear sign of it. It’s certain that this place was built by the Ancestors and abandoned ages ago. Probably soon after the Last War, like most of the ruins left behind by the builders of the once-great ringworld. 


Like most, these ruins are likely to have strange creatures or plants living in them, or ancient animatons guarding the secrets and tech-treasures of the Ancestors. But the greatest prize of all is the central power pillar hidden somewhere nearby. Getting it back online is also your ticket home and worth an extra reward as promised by the Guild.  



Variants: This map comes with six variants. Each variant comes with and without a grid

Dimensions: 4900x7000px / 35x50sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5m per square

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