Taurus OX-9 Exploration ATV Sci-fi Deckplan

The Taurus OX-9 Exploratory ATV is a vehicle designed for scientific missions and exploration. With a pressurized cabin and the ability to traverse various terrains, it’s a practical choice for those needing to collect data or navigate through uncharted territories. The detailed interior allows for immersive role-playing experiences, whether your character is a scientist collecting rare specimens or an explorer charting unknown lands.


This map has 6 variants, all with gridded and gridless versions.

  • Propped, explorer vehicle
  • Propped, explorer vehicle, neutral light
  • Propped, science vehicle
  • Propped, science vehicle, neutral light
  • Unpropped
  • Unpropped, neutral light

Resolution and Scale

  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Grid dimensions: 8×10
  • Recommended Scale: 5 ft. or 1.5 m/yd per square
  • File types: JPG, PDF
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