Space Station Bodega

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Mama Ratt’s General Supplies is a small bodega at the lower levels, and it provides basic groceries, consumer goods, takeaway fast food, and beverages.

Tunnels wide enough for wheeled and hover vehicles to travel through criss-cross around Mama Ratt’s bodega.  This part of the vast urban complex was originally designed to be a modern and affordable housing district with industrial manufacturing. However, t his level has developed into something more like a gang-controlled slum over the past few decades.

Variants: This map comes with three different variants.

  • Default with baked in lights
  • Simplified version with minimal lights and shadows
  • Unpropped version

Available File formats: JPG

Dimensions: 2240x3080px / 16x22sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft/1,5 m per square

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