Research Station

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Kalma station is a secret imperial research center located in the Turma system on the Outer Frontier. The station is specialized in studying the extraordinary regenerative abilities of rare organisms found on Kalma IX – a small and extremely hostile planet on the edge of the Turma system.

Kalma station has all the necessary basic facilities and supplies for prolonged stays. Shift rotation and resupply runs are done every 120 standard days to minimize traffic and communication to avoid detection of the station.

In addition to the operative and science crew, the staff is complemented with a small security detachment and two security drones.


All variants come with and without a grid.

  • Propped, lights
  • Propped, no lights
  • Unpropped, lights
  • Unpropped, no lights
  • Space background as a separate file
  • Tiles without background (PNG + WEBP)

Resolution & Scale

  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Grid dimensions: 33×32
  • Recommended Scale: 5 ft / 1.5 m per square
  • File types: JPG, WEBP, PDF, PNG
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