Pilgrim-Class Hauler Deckplan

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Pilgrim-class haulers were originally designed for long-range resupply missions to early-stage colonies. Later these ships were adopted by interstellar traders and mercenary crews, private prospectors, and very aptly, pilgrims.

A typical, uncustomized, Pilgrim-class hauler is outfitted with two short-range defensive turrets to deter pirates, but the quad-linked turrets are very suitable for destroying small asteroids or debris as well.

Variants: This map comes with three different background variants, all with and without a grid. There are also unpopped variants available for both decks, and a version without the cargo containers for the lower deck.

  • Space
  • Neutral “grunge” background
  • Transparent background


Available File formats: JPG, PNG

Dimensions: 4480x6160px / 32x44sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft/1,5 m per square

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