Military Dropship Sci-fi Deckplan

The Orca Class Dropship deckplan details a ship designed for rapid orbital troop and supply transportation. With its powerful directional engines, it’s capable of quick take-offs, landings, and maneuvering around obstacles. The detailed interior and exterior provide a setting for military operations, whether your characters are deploying troops to a battlefield, delivering supplies to a besieged outpost, or extracting personnel from a hot zone.


This map has 7 variants, all with gridded and gridless versions.

  • Hull
  • Propped with seats
  • Propped with seats, neutral light
  • Propped with an empty cargo hold
  • Propped with an empty cargo hold, neutral light
  • Unpropped
  • Unpropped, neutral light

Resolution and Scale

  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Grid dimensions: 20×28
  • Recommended Scale: 5 ft. or 1.5 m/yd per square
  • File types: JPG, PDF
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