Megacorp Meeting Room

A brutalist masterpiece enveloped by thick, imposing stone and concrete slabs, rising just above the surface of the water. As one enters the room, the dim, warm lights cast eerie reflections on the water, sending ripples of unease through the air.

The heart of this surreal chamber is a large, central concrete slab, upon which rests a small glass table, a stark contrast to the surrounding, oppressive environment. Three chairs, each an intricate fusion of metal and synthetic leather, are carefully placed around the table, poised to facilitate discreet discussions and shadowy deals.


This map comes with six different lighting and prop variants.

Floor variants include:

  • Water
  • Sand
  • Martian soil

Resolution & Scale

  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Grid dimensions: 16×16
  • Recommended Scale: 5 ft or 1 m/yd per square
  • File types: JPG, WEBP, PDF
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