Landing Pads & Hangars

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Landing pads and hangar bays are typical scenes for many sci-fi and cyberpunk games. This map pack offers a wide variety of generic backgrounds, from frontier world landing pads to space station hangars.

Just drop your favourite spaceship (or any other props) on the scene, and you are ready to go!


This map pack includes 8 different landing pads and hangar floors. It also comes with 13 additional variants with different props.

Background variants:

  • Eight different landing pad and hangar backgrounds


  • Propped
  • Alternative props
  • Unpropped
  • Blank

Size and Format

  • Available File formats: JPG, WEBP, PDF
  • Dimensions: 24×28 squares / 3360×3920 px
  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square
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