HyperCorp Lobby

This map can represent a corporate or hospital lobby, a hotel reception, or the entrance to a ruined skyscraper. Whether you are fighting zombies or corporate agents, or you are trying to get in or out of the building this battle map can function as a great gauntlet with plenty of cover for firefights or stealth.


This map comes with a total of 20 variants divided into two themes and simplified unpropped maps. All variants come with gridded and gridless versions:

  • Corporate: No markings on the floor
  • Hospital: With a big cross-symbol on the floor
  • Unpropped: Without any additional props

Size and Format

  • Available File formats: JPG, PDF
  • Dimensions: 22×16 squares / 3080×2240 px
  • Resolution: 140 pixels per square
  • Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square

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