Docking Bay 21

Docking bay 21 is a small docking bay for small transports and private flyers and spaceships up to 140 feet long (40 meters).  The docking bay is operated by a chatty middle-aged lady, Shima Laukku with a knack for finding rare ship parts and has always something tucked away in the cargo containers or the junk pile.

She has a small army of old or salvaged repair and cargo loader robots always busy somewhere in the docking bay.

Shima provides all the usual necessary services for temporary docking and maintenance from ship refueling to repairs and cargo handling. Any of these can be handled discreetly with a small extra fee.



Available Variants: This map comes with three different variants.

  • A yellow desert planet with multiple variants
  • A red desert planet with propped and unpropped versions
  • Ice planet with propped and unpropped versions

Available File formats: JPG

Dimensions: 5600x5600px / 40x40sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft/1,5 m per square

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