Desert Catacomb Base

In the wasteland of Catharis lies a crumbled monastery. It used to be a place of worship and pilgrimage before the Empire ransacked the monastery, killed or captured the monks, and outlawed the mystic order that had built and guarded the monastery for millennia.


Years later a group of resistance fighters repaired the monastery and is using it as their base of operations now.


This multilevel floorplan has among other things holding cells, living quarters, meeting and training rooms and endless opportunities for exploration!


As you might have guessed, this map is inspired by the Catacombs of Caldera that the partisans of Saw Guerrera used as their secret base in Rogue One.



Variants: This map comes with three variants with each available either with or without labels. Each variant also comes with and without a grid.

Dimensions: 4200x5600px / 30x40sq@140ppi

Recommended Scale: 10ft / 3m per square

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