Asteroid Mining Station

Asteroid miners are not any better than dwarves in fantasy. Always digging too deep. This map is based on the concept of a “space dungeon” and finding something ancient and alien locked inside a remote asteroid, Cthonus.


This 50×100 square map is divided into three sections:
– The main level with a loading/hangar bay, engineering facilities, a control centre, and crew quarters.

– The bottom level of the mines is connected to the previous area by a mining elevator. There can be any number of other mining levels before this, but they can be just generic mining levels with nothing of value or interest in them.

– The Vault of Cthonus. An ancient vault built by a vanished alien civilization. There is something horrible growing and mutating inside the breached vault.



Variants: This map comes with five alternate versions with and without a grid, and as separate map sections.

Dimensions: 3500x7000px / 50x100sq@70ppi

Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5m per square

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