[Map] Cliffside Mansion

About the Map Cliffside Mansion is a luxurious, but relatively small mansion built on a cliff facing the ocean. It has two floors. The upper

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Secret caves dungeon map

[Map] Secret Caves

Under the ruins of the old monastery, there are secret chambers and caves that hide a huge crystal with corrupting magical powers. Living creatures mutate

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[Map] Dragon Lair

A century ago a terrible dragon, Roihuzuamu, burned down and invaded the valley of Eloran. The two kings of the Eloran gave their lives fighting

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[Map] Hacker Hideout

This cellar level maintenance room is refurbished as server space and a surveillance center. This complex system pulls data from a myriad of different hacked

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[Map] Shelter 17

Shelter 17 is one of the many small shelters built to function as outposts and emergency caches for small patrols or science teams. Most of

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