New Website, New Store, and New Maps!

We have a new website, a new store, and a whole bunch of new maps!

New Website and Map Gallery

You might have noticed Miska’s Maps website has undergone quite the transformation with a new layout making it even easier to browse through all the maps available with each map even having the different variants to view.

The new gallery view enables you to quickly filter different themes and you can find maps for very specific needs using the tags or search function on the site.

New Store

We have now also launched a new store with the website, which lets you easily buy and download individual map packs straight from the site for all of your needs OR you can always get access to all of the maps and more by becoming a patron on Patreon! Currently, the selection of products in the store is limited to map packs, but we are working on asset packs, token packs, Foundry VTT modules, and more. Stay tuned for new releases!

New Map Packs

Since the last news update on the website, there have been quite a few new map packs released but we will highlight just some of the newer ones for you to enjoy. All these map packs are available through Patreon and our new store.

Derelict Tug Deckplan (32×44)

Acheron-class mining tugs are small but robust spaceships with powerful engines designed to tow small asteroids or mineral payloads.

The ship has five cryosleep modules to rotate the crew on longer assignments, transport extra passengers, or for medical emergencies.

This great sci-fi map comes with two levels and with multiple variants, including a wrecked derelict ship. Each variant also comes with a PNG version with a transparent background allowing even more customization!

Size & Format

  • Available File formats: JPG, PNG
  • Dimensions: 4480x6160px / 32x44sq@140ppi
  • Recommended Scale: 5ft / 1,5 m per square

Check out all the map variants and get the map for yourself here!

Jungle Valley Zone (32×22)

Is your group of adventurers headed to a jungle or maybe some martian valley? This map pack is then definitely for you. It represents an isolated jungle valley surrounded by mountains but also comes with a few variants, including an arid martian-type valley and an ice-covered one.

Size & Format

  • Available File formats: JPG
  • Dimensions: 4480x3080px / 32x22sq@140ppi
  • Recommended Scale: 2 km per hex

Check out all the map variants and get the map for yourself here!

Docking Bay 21 (40×40)

This small docking bay is operated by a chatty middle-aged lady, Shima Laukku with a knack for finding rare ship parts and has always something tucked away in the cargo containers or the junk pile.

She has a small army of old or salvaged repair and cargo loader robots always busy somewhere in the docking bay.

Shima provides all the usual necessary services for temporary docking and maintenance from ship refueling to repairs and cargo handling. Any of these can be handled discreetly with a small extra fee.

A great science fiction hangar map for all your daring last-minute escapes or meetings with all sorts of nefarious people. This map comes with three different planet variants, with each variant having propped and unpropped versions to best suit your needs.

Size & Format

  • Available File formats: JPG
  • Dimensions: 5600x5600px / 40x40sq@140ppi
  • Recommended Scale: 5ft/1,5 m per square

Check out all the map variants and get the map for yourself here!

Space Station Bodega battlemap preview

Space Station Bodega (16×22)

Mama Ratt’s General Supplies is a small bodega at the lower levels, and it provides basic groceries, consumer goods, takeaway fast food, and beverages.

A slightly smaller map with multiple uses. It can work as battlemap for a classic shootout in a convenience store or maybe as a hideout for a group of outlaws. The map has three different variants and with the unpropped version the map can basically work as any sort of space you need.

Size & Format

  • Available File formats: JPG
  • Dimensions: 2240x3080px / 16x22sq@140ppi
  • Recommended Scale: 5ft/1,5 m per square

Check out all the map variants and get the map for yourself here!

You can find the rest of the new maps in the Map Gallery and each of them is available to buy directly from the website or you can get access to ALL of the maps by becoming a patron on Patreon!

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