Miska’s Maps Now on Roll20

You can now get Miska’s Maps from Roll20 marketplace! All the maps are optimized and ready to be used with Roll20. Each map pack comes with a selection of map variants with different color schemes and for different uses. The Portal Chamber battlemap, for example, includes also some transparent tiles to customize the map even further. So far this is the only map pack with tiles, but my intention is to make more of those for the upcoming map packs.

If you are using some other virtual tabletop platform, don’t worry! These map packs are also available on DrivetrhruRPG. You can find VTT optimized sci-fi maps and fantasy maps in their own categories.

And of course, there’s always the option to start backing my cartography on Patreon. My patrons get all the map packs before everyone else plus some nice additional perks like occasional adventures and audio tracks for the maps. Higher-level patrons even get layered map files and pre-configured maps for Foundry VTT in a Patreon-exclusive map module.

Happy gaming! 🙂