Mapvember Maps 2019 Collection now on DrivethruRPG [PWYW]

In this collection, you can find all 30 of my #mapvember maps from 2019 in black and white line art and it’s now available on DrivethruRPG with a Pay What You Want price tag.

This time I decided to do all the maps with a steampunk or science fantasy twist. I used my own steam fantasy TTRPG setting, Astraterra, as a loose reference here. Some names for the maps take influence from the world of Astraterra. For example, Maloria is a small nation on the verge of the industrial revolution with ambitions to expand its borders through colonization and military force. In general, I have tried to use universal titles and descriptions for the maps to make them easier to use in any suitable fantasy or steampunk setting. 

Mostly, the maps are represented here as they were drawn. The maps were drawn with Pentel brush pens and Copic Multiliners, on plain paper and usually without any sketching, rulers or other tools. I have scanned the drawings and cleaned up the line art. On some occasions, I have straightened some lines or fixed a few details that I felt needed some tweaking. These maps do not come with grids or other versions, but it is likely that I will use the maps for my Patreon exclusive map packs in future releases. At the end of the collection, there’s a colored bonus map as an example of how the maps look after some color and shading.