Cyberpunk Maps

Yo Choombas! Miska’s Maps has an exciting Patreon dedicated exclusively to cyberpunk and near-future sci-fi maps if you haven’t already noticed. Miska’s Cyberpunk Maps is here to fulfill all your futuristic map needs, whether you’re running a game of Cyberpunk RED, Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Blade Runner RPG, Shadow of the Beanstalk, Altered Carbon RPG, Infinity RPG, Interface Zero, Genefunk 2090, or any other game with a similar aesthetic.

Our map collection includes images of everything from sleek futuristic offices to sprawling urban landscapes and desolate wastelands with junk-filled highways and fortresses. We have built our library of cyberpunk maps and our goal is to have you covered no matter what kind of cyberpunk or near-future setting you’re looking to explore.

One of the primary reasons we decided to create a separate Patreon for cyberpunk and near-future sci-fi maps was to provide a clearer separation from our other science fiction content on Miska’s Maps. This makes it easier for those who care about these genres to support and access the content they enjoy.

Miska’s Cyberpunk Maps operates on a release-by-release basis, unlike our regular Miska’s Maps Patreon, which has a fixed monthly fee. We have several membership tiers, starting with the low-cost Nomad level at $1 and progressing to the prestigious Corpo membership at $10s. Plus, if you’re already a Starlord member of Miska’s Maps, you’ll have automatic access to the Cyberpunk Maps’ exclusive Street Samurai tier!

You can find and join the Patreon here:

Just like all Miska’s Maps content, the cyberpunk maps are all also hand-crafted, and you can see the level of detail and the style of the content in the preview images below.