Bucket List Update: Dead Light & Other Dark Turns

It’s time to update my bucket list! I just noticed that I had received my contributor copy of Dead Light and Other Dark Turns supplement for Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium. So, I can now check “Make maps for Call of Cthulhu” from my bucket list and I’m super excited to finally tell you what I’ve been working on lately 😀 

I did a bunch of maps and handouts for this supplement and it was really great. I learned a lot from this and I’m definitely going to put that knowledge in use when making maps for Patreon releases. I did a manor and some area maps, and a set of handouts on top of the maps. The handouts were an interesting thing to work on. I don’t remember making handouts ever before and as I had to study some references first, I was just astounded by the level of detail represented in the Call of Cthulhu handouts. It’s really impressive and it was awesome to contribute to this.

I really recommend you check out the supplement here. I do not get a dime if you purchase this book, but if you join my Patreon, that’s going to help me out a lot! Thanks! 

Oh, yeah! Here are some samples of what I did for this. I’ll save the rest for you so I don’t accidentally spoil anything as there are some pretty cool puzzles and adventures in this 90-page book: 

Weyland House Plan
Weyland House, Copyright Chaosium Inc.

Call of Cthulhu handouts. A code diagram and an eagle statue.
Some handouts. Copyright Chaosium Inc.