#Mapvember is an open challenge for all who enjoy drawing fictional maps for roleplaying games. These maps can be anything from dungeon maps to geographical maps, from fantasy to science fiction, as long as the maps are usable without other maps, tools, or information.

Mapvember is about map-making, of course, but also about challenging your artistic skills and creativity. This is a great opportunity to start drawing maps or try out new techniques, genres, or styles or learn new skills.

At the end of Mapvember, I hope that there will be many inspired people with a burning desire to draw more maps or use the maps shared by others in their own games.

You can find the cartographic creations by searching for hashtags #mapvember or #mapvember+year.

How Can I Participate?

Easy. There’s no registration or such. Just do this:

  1. Draw a map of some kind for each day of November…
  2. Share your creations online with others on the social media platform(s) of your choice…
  3. Tag your map with a hashtag #mapvember and/or #mapvember[year].

Ok. What kind of maps I should do?

There are no rules as to what kind of maps you should do. You can do whatever inspires you. it can be black & white or color, ink or digital, battle map or regional map, isometric or top-down perspective. Whatever you are comfortable with. 

If you are out of ideas, you can find a list of themes and topics above. The listed prompts are loose suggestions to inspire you, and you can interpret them however you like. 

Who is behind this?

The first #mapvember was organized in 2015 by Miska Fredman. It was also the spark for the creation of Miska’s Maps. After that, the event has grown year by year, and every year more RPG cartography hobbyists and professionals have joined the challenge.


Prompt Lists from Previous Years


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