World Map of Tora

I found a thing! I was going through boxes filled with my old drawings and RPG stuff and I came across these maps. These are scans of a fantasy world map I did sometime around 1999 or 2000. I even made a weathered looking handout version of the map, and one showing the racial demographics of each area (humans are blue, elves green and goblinoids red, etc.) 

I started working on this world just before the release of the D&D’s 3rd edition and I remember working on a conversion when I got the books, but it quickly became one of my older RPG projects that got never finished.  

I don’t know if you have much use for these, but just wanted to share this nostalgic moment 😀

Btw, the names on the maps are either made up or in Finnish. A quick dictionary for those who are interested:

  • Suurmetsät = The Great Forest
  • Ashain autiomaa = Desert of Ashai
  • Dai-Kamen temppeli = Temple of Dai-Kame
  • Usvavuoret = Mist Mountains
  • Dracian tulijärvi = Firelake of Dracia
  • Myrskymeri = Stormy Sea
  • Cruzien linnoitus = Fort Cruzie
  • Suometsät = Marshwoods
  • Mustamaa = Blackland
  • Sysimetsä = Darkwood
  • Azasdjinin vuoristo = Azasdjin Range
  • Seineinmeri = Sea of Senei
  • Eteläinenmeri = southsea
  • Ibrinian meri = Ibrinian Ocean
  • Perton saaret = Pelerto Islands
  • Muurivuoret = Wall Mountains
  • Vanhamets’ = Oldwoods
  • Noidansilmä = Warlock’s Eye
  • Käärmesaaret = Snake Islands (Watch out for sneks!)
  • Velhojen saari = Isle of Wizards
  • Lohikäärmevuoret = Dragon Mountains
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