The Mines of Cthonus [50×100 Battlemap]

This is the largest map I have done so far. It’s a 50×100 square map with 100px squares.

About This Map

This map is divided into three sections: 

  • The main level with a loading/hangar bay, engineering facilities, a control center, and crew quarters. 
  • The bottom level of the mines connected to the previous area by a mining elevator. There can be any number of other mining levels before this, but they can be just generic mining levels with nothing of value or interest in them. 
  • The Vault of Cthonus. An ancient vault built by a vanished alien civilization. There is something horrible growing and mutating inside the breached vault. 

A full map pack with more visual variants with and without a grid are available to my patrons on my patreon at The Patreon release has also an ambient track by Music d20 and two different visual versions.

I hope you like this and find use for the map 🙂