[Map] The Ghost Tree



This was originally drawn for Astraterra RPG and based on a design by Jonas Mustonen. I really liked how this map can be both an illustration or a map and I think this can be useful in other settings than Astraterra’s. One story seed that came to my mind was that the island was raised to the skies due to a failed magical experiment of sorts. There might have been other consequences too sucking all life from the island and turning all inhabitants into undead creatures or some other horrible abominations.

I drew this with my usual set of tools: 0.5, 0.3, 0.1 and 0.05 Neopiko fineliner pens, Letraset bleed proof marker paper for the line and Copic markers for the shading. After the lineart and shading was done, I gave this a quick treatment in Photoshop.


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This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in April 2016.

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