Statue Park (20×30 Battlemap)

This map is based on an old #mapvember map which I used a base, but because it was drawn on a different scale with regular ink pens, the lines were too thick and I decided to redraw the map from scratch. I also wanted to play a bit with the perspective using the statue at the center as a focal point. 

I imagine this map could be used as an encounter for some shady meetings, like an ransom payment or information exchange, in the park.

The public version is a 20×30 battlemap with 100px squares, but there’s a full map pack available on Patreon and Ko-fi. The map pack comes with six different variants in 200 px per inch/square and with and without a grid.

Included variants:

  • Basic
  • Fall colors
  • Winter
  • Night
  • Black & White
  • Alt theme with some fall leaves and asphalt road. 

I hope you find use for this map. Thank you!