Small Fantasy Warehouse

This small warehouse house has a two stories tall storage area and a small office which also acts as living quarters for the warehouse’s keeper. 

There’s a loading platform in front of the warehouse to help to load and unload the goods from carts and wagons. for heavier goods or level differences, there is a simple hoist above the warehouse door. The crane is set and operated from the catwalk. 

Hidden Trapdoors and Storages

If you want to add some special features to the warehouse, there could be a hidden trapdoor under the bed in the keeper’s quarters or under the catwalk hidden under hey stacks. These could lead to hidden storage spaces or smuggling tunnels leading to a nearby smuggler’s cove, for example. 

About This Map

This map is one of my #mapvember2019 maps and I did it as a quick coloring experiment. It was drawn with a Pentel brush pen and colored on Photoshop using an XP-Pen Artist 22E Pro drawing display. 

I also tested using different resolutions and grid sizes to include a 70 pixels per square Roll20 ready map and a print-quality 1″ square battle map in the map pack using the same source file with a minimal amount of extra work. 

Patreon Exclusive

Bonus Adventure

This map was used by DM Dave in one of his 5th edition compatible adventures. Patrons can find the adventure, Tales of Orbea: The Burning Web, in the Bonus Content Archive (Requires relevant tier access) 

High-Resolution Map Pack

The Patreon exclusive map pack includes:

  • Basic map with and without a grid
  • A GM version with notes
  • Print-quality battle map with 1″ squares 
  • Roll20 ready map with and without a grid (70px /square)
  •  Two printer-friendly map versions (1″ square battle map & GM notes) 

This map was made with the support of my patrons on Patreon and released under a Creative Commons license. A high-resolution version with multiple variants of this map, including a Roll20 optimized version, is available to my patrons exclusively on Patreon.

Nicholas Butta and Sergeant Zeno

James Armstrong

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