Off-World Prison Battle Map [22×62]

Rescuing someone from a high-security prison or escaping one is always an interesting adventure type. This map introduces a special prison facility located in a remote location and surrounded by a hostile environment.

Besides being an imperial prison, this could be a place where dangerous super-powered mutants are hidden away or a slaver prison where slaves are stored until they are sold and transported elsewhere

About this map

This 22×62 map (140 px per square) is divided into three distinct areas, or four if you count the storage and engineering spaces as a separate area.

1) Landing platform: This itself can act as a location for interesting encounters and battles.
2) Main level: This area includes all the crew quarters, prisoner interrogation and processing facilities, and storage and engineering areas. There’s of course also a trash compactor to manage garbage and waste.
3) The detention levels: This area is built as a modular level so that there can be as many levels as needed, connected to the main level by the elevator and the garbage chute. For the garbage chute to work logically (without any magic or special technological gimmicks), it is assumed that the detention levels are above the main level.

High Resolution Map Pack

The full map pack available on Patreon, Roll20, and DrivethruRPG, comes with four map variants, each with a grid and gridless, and ice world version in three sections.

  • Ice World
  • Volcanic World
  • Swamp World
  • Black & white (for easy printing for planning and notes)
  • Sections: landing pad, main level, detention level (Ice World only)