#mapvember2018: days 9-12

9/30: House of the Rising Sun

Industrial tycoon and inventor Anthony Spark lives in a luxurious mansion built on a cliffside facing east. The upper floor has a kitchen, dining room and two smaller rooms, and the bottom floor has a workshop, living room, a master bedroom (that also doubles as a safe room if necessary), a large balcony, and a sauna.

10/30: Palisade Park


11/30: Kickapoo

A small off-world settlement built in a crater that provides some cover against the harsh weather. At the center of the settlement, there’s the original colony ark lander that’s currently being used as a church by the deeply religious settlers.


12/30: Paranoid

A paranoid hacker known by the handle “B3H0LDR” has his base of operations in the cellar of an electronics recycling center. The base has dozens of monitors and servers networked with hundreds of surveillance cameras and drones that B3H0LDR can operate remotely from his hideout. In the north-west corner, there’s a loose ventilation grate that leads to a maintenance tunnel that can be used as an escape route.