Mapvember dump (1/2)

Here’s a dump of my first batch of mapvember maps. This year I decided to make all of my mapvember maps steampunk and/or fantasy-themed. Most of the maps use my own RPG setting Astraterra (coming in English in 2020, btw), but they should work fine with Eberron, Ravnica or Warhammer Fantasy settings, for example.

Here’s the first batch of my #mapvember2019 maps

You got more of them RPG maps?

In case you have not already checked my other maps available on my website, and the selection is growing every month by 3-5 maps. Check out these three maps for starters…

Secret caves dungeon map
Cheloni-class transport shuttle deck plan

Special Offer!

I also have a special offer in Patreon related to these maps.

All who are my patrons by the 2nd of December at Adventurer or higher tier will get a PDF with 30 Mapvember maps cleaned up for easy printing (delivery in Dec 2019). Check out the details here:


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