[Map] Wrecked Spaceship


This is a quick map I did to test the idea of vertically built spaceships and it was kind of inspired by The Expanse tv-series and one of its spaceships.  So, in other words, this map was made hard scifi in mind – no artificial gravity except for rotation or acceleration, for instance.

Normally this ship would be like a tower when it’s under acceleration, but otherwise there’s no gravity and it would be more like a tube divided into sections.

This ship is badly wrecked. Only the nose of the ship is intact, and that is badly damaged too. There are two levels (Cockpit and Utility) with some pressure and emergency life-support still, others are de-pressurized and  damaged beyond repair.

Levels from left to right:

  1. Cockpit
  2. Utility (small machine shop, medical supplies, storage, space suits…)
  3.  Messdeck
  4. Cargohold

There’s an iris valve and ladders going from level to level, but it will seal if the pressure is lost from the other side of the valve.

There’s a body wrapped in emergency cryoseal wraps and attached to the floor of the utility level. The monitors show minimal life-signs and its size is similar to a man with an average build.

Are there any survivors, other than the body in emergency stasis? That might be something for the player characters to find out.

I hope you like it.



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