[Map] Warzone Bravo-Zero-Five




Infiltrated enemy combatants detonated an IED when our convoy escorting a VIP was passing through the hot zone bravo-zero-five. The detonation blocked the convoy’s path and the hostiles overpowered the convoy quickly with further RPG and high-caliber AMR shots at the convoy. The initial fire exchange took out four EXO suits and disabled the APC transporting the VIP. 

The strike was obviously planned and they were properly armed to deal with armored targets, but according to our intel, the enemy failed to extract the VIP. We have located the VIP hiding in one of the buildings on the site and three friendlies holding up against the growing enemy opposition. The hostiles are scanning the area and they want the VIP taken alive, and so do we.

The enemy is trying to decrypt the VIP’s bio-tag signal and we are running out of time. You need to extract the VIP with any other survivors before the hostiles locate them. The evac location will be appointed to you on your request. Keep in mind that the enemy has surface-to-air support in the area, so the evac unit cannot stay for long in the hot zone.

You will arrive on site in three and your standard contract permits the use of deadly force on the hostiles tagged on your HUD, but not on civilians or other unverified targets.



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