[Map] Walker Wreck


This map was originally published as a patron supported map on Patreon in January 2016. 

The idea for this map I got from the latest Star Wars movie. In the movie Rey, a wasteland scavenger has her home in a wrecked AT-AT walker. I though that it would be a really cool idea to have some sort of hideout built inside a wrecked walker. I expanded on the idea a bit and designed the map so that the walker has fallen against a rock formation and as the walker bashed against the rocks an entrance was revealed into caves inside the big rock.

The caverns hide a passage to an underground oasis which works as sustenance for the wrecks residents, but it is rumored that there is a treasure in the oasis. Is it a nexus of light or dark side Force? Is it a fountain of youth? Or is there perhaps a gold treasure or valuable imperial equipment or information sunken in the oasis?

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The Hermit

The  wreck is inhabited by a lone person. The hermit prefers to stay near the wreck and wanders away from it only to visit the nearby scavenger town to resupply food and other necessary consumables.

Nonody really knows, but some claim that the hermit has mystical powers. But others say that he (or she?) is just a little crazy in the head.

The Wreck Hideout

The wreck is practically home for the hermit, but also a sort of a gate to the caverns. The hideout has several traps and a secret passage.

  •  Pit Trap: there is a pit trap under a tarp on the ground. The tarp looks completely harmless and there are other tarps and junk on the ground, so there is nothing suspicious about it. It is difficult to detect it. The pit trap leads into a three meters deep pit with quicksand at the bottom of the pit. It is extremely difficult to get out of the pit and a critical failure will result in possible drowning in the quicksand.
  • Dart trap: There is a dart trap hidden next to the hermit’s bed. There is a weak beam that is visible only in ultraviolet spectrum. If the beam is cut, a modifier needle gun will shoot a single dart loaded with a powerful paralyzing toxin. Any hard full-body armor will protect from the dart.  The toxin is extremely difficult to resist and failure will result in complete paralysis. Resisting the toxin will still have effects and the victim will feel stunned. The toxin’s duration is 11-20 minutes.

The Caverns

In the caverns there are a few places of interest.

  • Altar: there is an altar of sorts dedicated for meditation or praying.
  • Supplies: there is a stock of different consumables like water, food, clothing, medical supplies and so on.
  • Weapons cache: At the back of one cave there is old military weapons hidden away, still in their boxes. The weapons are old and they need normal maintenance to operate properly. Otherwise the weapons and equipment will function with sub-optimal efficiency.
  • Sentinel Robot: there is a droid, robot or other such automaton guarding the entrance to the underground oasis. This is a BIG and bad looking robot. But fortunately its ammunition is almost depleted and it has only a few shots. But, it’s not helpless in melee either. When at melee range the sentinel will reveal a telescopic electric baton (or a nasty blade). The sentinels armor plating is coated with energy resistant material (cortosis in Star Wars), making it a tough target against most energy weapons. The robot seems to avoid using deadly force, but is a worthy rival.
  • The Fountain: The fountain is located in a cave illuminated by faint green glow emanating from the oasis. There is something special in the water…

What happens if you drink from the oasis (choose or roll 1d6)?

  1. It brings you peace of mind.
  2. It gives you visions of future.
  3. It heals you.
  4. It makes you more resilient, but also stirs emotions, causing conflict.
  5. It gives you nightmares.
  6. It drives you into rage.

…or what’s hidden in the water (choose or roll 1d6)?

  1. A weapon of great might
  2. A key
  3. Valuables (gold, jewelry, credits…)
  4. Information (A message in a bottle, datastick, battle station plans…)
  5. A hibernating robot
  6. Something alive (a predator, an energy being, a sandworm egg…)

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