[Map] Underwater Mining Station


Mining Station HPT-3B A.K.A. “Hephaestus Station”

The Hephaestus Station is located on the second moon of gas giant HPT-3. The moon is mostly covered by highly toxic water solution and it’s volcanically highly active. There are numerous underwater volcanoes under the moon’s vast ocean and around those regions highly valuable mineral, called amatium, can be harvested.

Hephaestus station is one of the many specialized harvesting stations and it’s owned by Watanabe-Bauman corporation, like most of the settlements and mining station in the system.

The station has crew of 11:

  • 1 corporate officer
  • 6 mining engineers
  • 1 medical technician
  • 3 maintenance personnel

The station has three drone control units for operating the amatium harvesters. Other machinery is mostly automated or controlled from the observation center that looks down to a volcanic trench 200 meters below the station’s level.

There is a single air lock that is used by the station’s personnel to dock the submarine that is used to transport people and supplies between the station and a huge shuttle platform floating above the station on the ocean’s surface. the platform is well anchored, but the harsh weather on the surface often can cause delays in shuttle flights.

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