[Map] The Viceroy’s Suite

The Viceroy's Suite

This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in January 2016.

The idea for this map was originally for a mini-map, but it turned out as a bit bigger map. The idea for the map was originally by “HR” on Twitter. This map was made with Star Wars in mind, but I tried to make the map generic enough, so that it could be used in most scifi, cyberpunk and why not modern secret agent settings as well.


Viceroy could be the Trade Federation’s viceroy or some other wealthy and influential figure, like a politician, a celebrity, a crime lord or a corporate executive. Who ever they are, they must be wealthy and well prepared for uninvited quests.


For the most parts this is your typical penthouse or luxury suite with its own kitchen, swimming pool, big dining hall, balcony and even a sauna (as a Finn that was a mandatory addition ;D ).

There are a few special features in the suite:

Security Robots

At the end of the lobby there’s two hidden security robot compartments. They are not that well hidden and anyone with a military or security background can notice the compartments with moderate ease.  For anyone else, it is difficult to notice anything unusual.

The robots are linked into the suite’s security system and can use its cameras to coordinate their actions. This gives them a tactical advantage and an ability to shoot through cover with moderate accuracy, for example.  Also, the viceroy has a panic button with him that can activate the robots as a free action.

In Star Wars these robots are equivalent to super battle droids or assassin droids, which ever suites your needs best. In other settings use robots that are either fast or heavily armored and have heavy caliber automatic weapons or military grade energy weapons.

Safe Room

In the viceroy’s master bedroom, there’s a hidden door to a safe room. It’s difficult to notice the hidden door. Safe room is well shielded and anything short of a lightsaber, a diamond drill or proper explosives cannot penetrate the safe room’s armored walls. The safe room has enough food and drinks for a week, monitors and controls for the suite’s internal security system and wireless communication devices for calling help. There’s also a light armor vest and a scatter gun.

Hidden Safe

In the Viceroy’s wardrobe there’s a hidden safe locker. The safe is hidden behind a pivoting coat rack and it’s locked with a biometric lock and a PIN number. It’s extremely difficult to crack the safe without destroying it. Sure, it can be opened by destroying it, but its still difficult to do and there’s a risk that some of the safe’s contents will be damaged.


You can download the map files from here


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