[Map] The Temple of Iron


This three-level dungeon – well, two dungeon levels plus one ground level, to be precise – anyway, this dungeon was a sudden side project I did. The idea was to experiment with kind of map “triptychs”. The idea is that I would start making maps with three levels, locations, etc. Then you could mix and match different parts from different maps. Take an old mine from one, caverns from another and a weird forest from a third one, for example.

This map was the first one in this series and in future I will try to make the levels/locations/parts of the maps more separate, so that you can for example print the map and cut out the part you would like to use.

But, about the map itself…

When I started to draw this map I wanted to make three quite different levels or locations and riff of the idea of one of my earlier maps where a spacecraft was buried in ice. I wanted to make a ruined temple of sorts, which would be actually a wreck of a spacecraft turned into a temple. Now this temple has been abandoned, but there are cold and dark catacombs and dungeons built beneath it.

If you dare to venture to the lowest level you can find a strange tomb surrounded by humming and hissing piping, dripping condensed water and strange sweet smelling fluids. In the tomb there are seven sarcophagi; six smaller ones and one large. There seems to be something inside of them. When you try to take a closer look inside one of them, you hear a sudden loud hiss and one of the sarcophagi opens up letting out steam and pale light…

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This patron supported map was originally published on Patreon in February 2016.

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