[Map] The Tainted Mausoleum


At first look the The Tainted Mausoleum doesn’t look like much. It is a building made out of stone and its outer walls are mostly covered in vines and moss. Behind those the walls are decorated with statues and engravings that depict various human-like figures in stoic poses and below these figures, behind the thick grass and bushes that go around the building, there are other figures lying down at the feet of the standing figures and these have clearly human features. Their facial expressions are distorted by anquish and pain. Some of them look dead.

The interior of the building looks  unassuming and mirthless. The floors and walls are made out of stone. The stonework is good, but the air smells damp and moldy and everything is covered in dust or mold. In some corners  there are small patches of strange looking fungi growing out of the cracks in the walls and floor tiling.

But the building is not as empty and uninhabited as it might look like. There are stairs leading downstairs into two different locations…


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