[Map] The Outlaw Artificers’ Hideout


This was the first map I released in August on Patreon. It’s a hideout for some sort of a cabal of outlaw artificers or other practitioners of questionable arcane arts. I thought the artificers could also be some kind of alchemists or warlocks, dabbling with wondorous items, magic potions and such. This might even be a hiding place for a witch coven or a dark cult.

The watchtower ruins do not have the upper floor. There might be some remains of a floor, but I though it would not be sturdy enough to support a grown man… a skinny gnome or halfling maybe?

Here are some adventure seeds I was thinking while doing this map:

  • The character’s need a potion or a magic item that is outlawed or forbidden.
  • The character’s must save someone from the hideout as they are being used as ingredients for some vile potion (if you want to go dark, it could be a baby).
  • The outlaw artificer’s have caused trouble by selling their potions in the city and the character’s are hired to take care of this problem. The city’s sheriff has issues with magic-users and would rather not be involved (He was once before transformed into a rat for a good period of time).
  • The artificer’s have sold diluted magic potions to a merchant and he wants the players to get proper potions for him.
  • The artificers are not willing to deal with the rogues guild in the city and the players need to go to sabotage the artificers’ laboratory.
  • I local tavern owner, Hermano, hires the characters to steal – or to otherwise acquire – the recipe for the magnificient blue beer two local alchemists are brewing in their hideout. The characters need to steal the recipe or otherwise convince Heisenburg the White and his halfling apprentice Zesse Pinkling to give the recipe to Hermano.


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This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in July 2016.

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