[Map] The Old Mine


This is a small mine, that can be functional or abandoned, but I wanted to add two points of interest there.

First place is a larger cave with some mining equipment. Here the characters might even find some raw valuables originally mined from the tunnels and some tools that are still usable.

Roll d12:
1: Gems (2d10 x 50 gp)
2: Gold (worth 3d6 x 10 gp)
3: Silver (worth 3d8 x 10 sp)
4: Copper (worth 3d10 x 10 cp)
5: A pickaxe
6: A shovel
7: A hooded lantern + oil
8: A sledge hammer
9: A rope
10: 1d6 torches
11: A vial of acid
12: A birdcage with an undead bird

The second location is another large cavern with a small pool of water at the center of it. Here the miners started to dig a tunnel, but found something buried deep underground. A sarcophagus or a coffin of sorts. The coffin is empty at the moment, but there is a sword covered in black dirt lying next to it. If the sword is examined closer and cleaned, it is actually a masterfully forged sword (Blade of Light. magical +1, can Turn Undead as a 5th level Cleric with WIS 12 once a day, evil or undead characters who touch the sword suffer 1d4 Radiant damage per turn).

As the characters investigate the coffin and/or the blade, something crawls at them from the shadows…

Roll d6*:
1: Skeletons
2: Zombies
3: Ghouls
4: Shadows
5: Spectres
6: Vampire Spawns

*re-roll if not appropriate. Use any number or creatures necessary to give the characters a fight.

In addition to these locations, you can add what ever little extra encounters and treasure your adventure and/or party needs.


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