[Map] The Lava Station “Furnace-5”


I’ve wanted to draw a map with flowing lava and narrow walkways for intense fight scenes. As we were watching Star Wars episode III, Revenge of the Sith, with my wife and kids, I decided to test the new Neopiko ink pens and Letraset bleedfree marker paper.

The movie was perfect inspiration for a map with some hot lava and perilous walkways and from the start I had a pretty good picture in my head what I was going to draw. While I was drawing the map, I pretty quickly noticed the difference between ordinary and premium marker pens and paper. Normally I would not have bought these materials, but because of the second completed Patreon goal (thanks to my awesome patrons!), I gave myself the liberty to go and buy them. The marker pens are really precise and the Promarker pens I use for shading worked really well with the paper.

So, may I present you: Furnace-5, the Lava Station


Furnace-5 is an unobtainium extraction station located in a remote and inhospitable lava covered moon called Furnace. The moon orbits a gas giant with small population living in domed cities floating in the upper atmosphere of the planet.

Furnace-5 used to be one of the stations built to extract a super-rare unobtainium from the moon’s molten surface, but recently in all silence its operations were acquired by an unknown party.

Unobtainium Extraction

The unobtainium extraction process requires specialized nano-extractors that are mixed in the molten lava. The nano-extractors are designed to operate in extreme temperatures and are not harmed by the super-heated lava, instead they use the heat to power themselves. As the nano-extractors get in contact with the lava, they start to locate unobtainium molecules and begin to form small magnetic crystals of unobtainium. The crystals are then extracted from the lava by powerful magnetic fields and contained in penning traps.

Notes on the Map

There are a few things that I thought about when making the map:

  • On the upper side of the facility there are the crew quarters. One of the rooms has an airlock installed for species that are native to something else than oxygen-based atmosphere.
  • On the lower side of the facilities there are some natural lava tunnels that allow an unseen, but a bit risky, entrance into the facility
  • On the left side of the facility there is a smaller “island” which is a sort of operations and/or communications center
  • There are three small platforms surrounding the smaller landing pad, these could be communications links, shield generators or something else based on what works the best in your case.


Hope you enjoy it!

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This map was originally published on Patreon in December 2015. 

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