[Map] The Icon of Deception



What looks like a dull and ill kept old stone keep hides a beautiful garden and a giant statue made of gold inside its cold walls. But like its outer appearance, everything in this temple is not as it looks. 

Originally I drew this temple to try out two things: a sort of inner yard and  thick castle walls.

I don’t know why, but I find it somehow difficult to draw the thick walls like in medieval castles. It’s like I always leave too little room either for the rooms or the walls. I think I need to get some more practice on a graph paper.

Another thing was the inner yard. I find it interesting to have a large dungeon complex, for example, and then there would be a beautiful open garden all of a sudden. I think I’m going to do something like that soon-ish. This does not really convey that idea, but still works as a contrasting feature within this thick walled stone temple.

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