[Map] The Hidden Tomb of the Last Master


The forbidden scriptures that were saved from the destruction of the temple’s library had crucial information about the location of Master Noc’dur hidden tomb.  Master Noc’dur was one of the last Guardians who was able to fold space by manipulating the Light. 

The tomb was built inside a mountain to protect it from uninvited guests and terrible storms and hurricanes that are common in the area. The main entrance to the tomb collapsed hundreds of years ago in an unusually strong earthquake, but a secret entrance – or a backdoor – should be still accessible through the caverns inside the mountain.  

The Dark Brotherhood has recently learned about Master Noc’dur’s tomb and they have sent their best Seekers to find it. They must be after the Master Noc’dur’s Codex of Light that was buried in the tomb with him. The codex must be found before the Brotherhood finds it. If they do, they could learn to master the forgotten techniques it holds and none of the remaining exile Guardians would be safe anymore. 



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