[Map] The Haven of Wisdom


Beyond the Sea of Fog lies a lonely island and within its rocky cliffs there is the fabled Haven of Wisdom. Part monastery and part a library, protected by arcane powers and monsters guarding it under the sea, the Haven of Wisdom holds the secret writings of forbidden magical lore and the scriptures of dark rituals that once almost destroyed the whole world.

Adventure seeds

  • The characters are sent on a mission to retrieve lost knowledge that they need to find an ancient artifact of great power.
  • A ship rescues a small boat with a robed person on it. The survivor is badly wounded and he keeps murmuring about how the monsters took over the haven.
  • A lonely island looms in the distance through a shroud of fog and there is a blinking light continuously sending three short and three long flashes.
  • While travelling on a ship, the ship is caught in a storm and capsized. When the characters wake up, they find themselves in a monastery of sorts.
  • The characters are sent to retrieve a son of a noble family from the Haven of Wisdom where he went to learn arcane secrets.
  • The character’s need to go to the Haven of Wisdom to find a cure to a strange illness or curse. But they need to do a favour for the Grand Sage before they can get the cure.

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