[Map] The Capricious Bullhead

Interplanetary Cargo Hauler "The Capricious Bullhead" - Click to enlarge
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The Capricious Bullhead, or just “Bullhead” for short, is a Ladybird-class interplanetary tug, that is typically used to tow cargo within a star system. The ship does not come equipped with a hyperjump capable Oberman drive system, but it still has powerful ion thrusters that allows the ship to accelerate to high interplanetary speeds to haul the cargo fast to its destination.

Capricious Bullhead was lost en-route to its registered destination and the ship wreck is found drifting far from its intended route with no power. A close scan reveals that there are still a few warm spots in the ship and a few systems that are still online.

You decide what is lurking inside the ship or what is the conspiracy behind this ship’s fate.


This map was originally published on Patreon with the support of my awesome patrons in March 2016.

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